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Why SOCAmps Live Chat is Crucial for your Website?

Why SOCAmps Live Chat is Crucial for your Website?

Or in other words, Why your Website needs SOCAmps Live Chat? There is nothing more relieving than a person responding right away, to our call for help. That’s the same way Live Chat works.

The world is going the digital way and everything is Technology-driven. As a result we are seeing a lot of consumers depending on the internet, to do their purchase of their interest. But some companies aren’t realizing how painful it is for their users when they fail to provide a good customer support. Either their IVR support system is sometimes aggravating and unamiable or you don’t get a clear solution through Email Support.

But what happens when you establish a one on one Interaction in place, for your customers?

Yes, you are definitely making it easy for your customers to approach for help and thus enhancing the experience of your online customers. Certainly, next time, they will shop effortlessly without any pain.

That’s the whole idea of our SOCAMps Live Chat. You can use our Live Chat Platform, to establish the one on one connection to bridge the gap between you and your customers.

How exactly we are crucial for your Website?

We just not provide a platform to connect to your customers, but also we make sure you approach them in the right way. We know the pressure your agents undergo, when they have to drive the sales through the conversation. So we made sure they’re not left alone when they connect with the visitors.

Understand about our Live Chat tools, which will immensely help you in engaging your visitors as well as lowering your bouncer rates. Also, It will guide you in the right path to attract sales.

To quote some of the smart features of the SOCAmps Live Chat,
  • They are good at kick starting the conversation when the agents are not online.
  • Customer movements are tracked Live, as they go through your website.
  • All the users information and the chat transcripts will be directly saved in your CRM because we provide CRM integration.
  • Customers’ source and customers’ interest are identified through analytics and context.
  • Canned responses extend their help greatly with customers having similar queries.

We know the bigger picture of how a simple Live Chat integration can drive conversion rate. Thus underestimating it as a just reply-tool, will be a sign of passive entrepreneurship. Rather realizing its ability and competence which will bring the change in your Online ambiance, will be a smart act.