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Why SOCAmps Live Chat?

Our product SOCAmps Live chat is all set for the one on one connection with your valuable customers. All Its new and interesting features will make our product, your one stop destination for all your customer related queries.

Shortly to say, Our SOCAmps Live Chat product is a one tool with multiple purposes. But the main idea is to make sure your visitors/customers stay in touch with you around the clock. This ultimately drive your potential targets to revenue/sales funnel.

Let’s have a quick look on all the features of Our Product.

Smart Conversation:
We have build a feature to read the customer minds through their browsing behaviour & actions in your website. So that your agents can direct them wherever they want without enquiring them furthermore or only when necessary. Maintaining the customers’ chat history within the chat is another smarter parameter in our product. This helps the agents not to hustle between the pages and make the visitors/users wait.

Security and Encryption:
All the data transmission between you and your customers is well secure with SSL protocol. That is, no third parties could read your transmitted data before it reaches your user. Moreover, the SSL certification of our website is an added feather on our cap, to trust us without any inhibitions.

Context & History:
As the feature name suggests, our product helps you to approach your users through their context of queries. It is straight and simple to make them engage with your website or product. Also it analysis the user’s activities in the website which gives a clear image of what they expect from you. Not the least, all the past activities of your user, suggests you to put forward the appropriate solution they need.

Increasing Turnaround:
Our SOCAmps Live Chat provides you all the right tools for your agents to give your consistent support. Therefore it will be inevitable to see no increase in sales or no sales at all. The desired features and conversations will drive your visitors to give the product a definite try. Not to forget, your existing users will have a more satisfying and pleasant experience from your product. This gives long-standing relationship and thereby increases the Lifetime Value(LTV) of your product.

Intelligent Response:
Nothing is as effective as a personal conversation, when it comes to marketing your product. Even though technology is ready to offer all the back-up support, human interaction always makes us feel understandable and empathised. Your users’ chat history helps to a great extent in solving your users queries. This not only guarantee your users a solution but also give them the hope they are well taken care of. Moreover, our ‘SOCAmps Live Chat’ collects an excellent record of visitor history.  This reduces the stress of agents to search for the data in the crucial time. Choosing the best response for the query according to the user’s record is how agents make or break a deal.

Contact Form Integration:
With this contact form integration you can welcome your visitors’ feedback or enquiries about your website. It is not the usual subscription form. Rather it is a form through which you solve your visitors query. Moreover the CF integration is available for all the pages of your website, so that your visitors won’t move in hassle in search of the form. This will greatly reduce your bouncing rate.

Direct SOCAmps CRM Integration:
There’s no one between you and your customer. Why?. Because of the integration of our product with our SOCAmps CRM. It helps your sales team reach your customers or see your customers’ information from anywhere. The integration, also help the sales team to see the requirements of the users or have a hunch on their expectations in the future.

So with all our features it will be straight and simple for your business to maintain the connections and conversations simple and neat.