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Starting Conversations

SMART Conversations

When a user visits a website, they should always have a clue of what they are doing. If they don’t, they tend to drift and then bounce. To ensure that every person who visits your website learns on their own and when needed they are guided by the best help they can be you need Live Chat integration. Not just Chat, Smarter Chats which preserve and extend the conversation to convert them into a Sale.


Ice Breakers

Starting a smart conversation is an art to be followed. When one Chat Agent is able to start conversations easily, the other might struggle. A simple ‘Hi’ is long way from an intellectual and timely ‘Ice Breaker’. You need a clever quip to grab the attention. SOCAmps Live Chat Portal stores up such lovely quips automagically when an Agent has been able to successfully use them. And those Ice Breakers can be used by other Agents as well.

Smarter Conversations

Using the in-built automatic FAQ generator, the Agent is also assisted by relevant answers from within the database based on the context of the query. Thus enhancing the ability of the Agent to respond quickly as well as accurately for the questions put on by the prospective customer. It also provides the answers based on past history of the Customer such that Agent is always able to provide the best relevant answer.