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SOCAmps Live Chat Tools that helps in Engaging Website Visitors

SOCAmps Live Chat Tools are here to provide you a good backup for your Live Chat agents. Their major purpose is to drive the agents, to have conversations in a more lively and engaging manner. Besides, they will make the agents, understand more about their visitors and helps them in engaging their customers and driving the conversion rate.

Importance of having a customer support team:

Before continuing with our tools, let’s learn the importance of having a good customer support team.

Visitors are every website’s future customers, undoubtedly. And precisely, they matter the most. Therefore, we need to earn that “first impression” in seconds. Unfortunately, only experienced Live Chat Agents, have the capability to do that and have the potential to convert 6 out of 10 visitors into customers. The conversation and the ability to make it interesting and lively is a rare ability of some.

Therefore to gain the edge and have a maximum conversion rate, we need to make sure we don’t give space to any form of compromise on our business values and support. So, it is evident that it is important to have a good customer support team. To back them up with good tools, is another important concern.

And we are ready to provide you the same, with our recently employed SOCAmps Live Chat. It will be a friendly aide, to aid your Live Chat agents . Majorly, it will mirror all your unseen frictions on your website. Also it will help you to know your highs and lows through your visitors/customers. The design of our product SOCAmps Live Chat is also to give a good kick-start and to maintain the flow of the Chat.  So let’s straightaway learn about the tools.

1. One tool to rule them all

With our product “Live Chat” integration, you possibly can’t miss out on your future leads anytime/anywhere. Whether you own a mobile app, web app or website, all it matters is, whether you have integrated our product with yours. This way, you are making it easy for your users to connect with you 24/7 and also through other popular apps.

2. The CRM Integration

We have integrated our product with SOCAmps CRM to ease out the burden of your Chat and Sales agents. Also,  there is no possibility of not identifying your regular visitors or customers. Because the CRM integration, directly saves your customers information and chat transcripts as the chat happens. Therefore you no need to initiate anything fresh, when your visitors/customers visit again.

3. Automatic Conversation Starters

You don’t have to depend on your agents all the time to initiate that revenue driving conversations. You can also count on our FAQ and Ice Breaker features. They will deliver a promising and intelligent conversations, reflecting your company values.

4. Real-Time Visitor Tracking

Once a visitor starts reviewing or currently looking for information on your website, you can track his movements live. This will accordingly manage your chat with him, also helps in taking control of the chat from the start. Till the end you can rule the chat without getting disoriented.

5. Context & History

This tool helps your agents to know the source website of your customers. Also you can know other information, such as, what interests them in your website, their actions in your website, etc. So your agents will have a clue of how to initiate the conversation with them or leave it to the customer to start.

6. Multi-Panel Live Chat

If you have experienced agents, whom you believe, who can handle multiple customers at the given time, you can very well make use of this tool to avoid traffic in your website. Also means your customers’ time is also valued and respected.

So get started with our Product to drive the conversion rate and build a lasting relationship with your customers.

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