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SOCAmps Live Chat- A unique way for connecting with customers

Are you in need of a great help to assist your business in the Connecting with Customers? Feel like having a smarter dynamic tool to boost your customer service to stand out from the rivals?

Our product SOCAmps Live Chat is the optimal solution you are looking for. It will be your cool assisting partner in carrying out your best customer service irrespective of day and night. The integration of our product within your app, website and web app, will help them reach you instantly.

Some feel their business is lacking the potential to attract the customers. That is, they are unable to see that imaginary line, which disconnects them from their visitors and customers. But with our SOCAmps Live chat, it is easy now to see the data clearly and provide appropriate solutions.

 Also ‘Targeting the potential customers’ is now very easy with Our product. With all the right features Live Chat offers, you will guess your kind of customers right away. To know about our Live Chat features click the title ‘Why SOCAmps Live Chat is Crucial for your Website’.

So it is easy now for your users to start a conversation with you. Whether it is an enquiry or help, all they need to do is click open your Live Chat window. Either way Live Chat tool with its smarter features best assists your agents to guide your customers. Moreover It even hints your lows where it needs extra attention.

SOCAmps Live chat is build on a strong and steady foundation because of the following reasons,

  • Its smart response to the visitors.
  • SSL protected.
  • Replying by analysing the context.
  • Able to increase the revenue through more sales.
  • Direct integration with SOCAmps CRM.
  • Able to reach the support team through contact forms
  • And finally, helping the market team to read the customers data from anywhere.

We have other special features too like Multi panel chat, Real time visitor tracking, Automatic conversion starters. All, to give your website an extra edge over others. So leave it to our product to channel your service in the right way. Now the conversations will be much more comfortable and simpler than ever.