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Lead Conversion Triggers in SOCAmps Live Chat

Lead Conversion Triggers in SOCAmps Live Chat

Lead Conversion through Live Chat is possible? 

Lead Conversion is the critical phase every Business man goes through. But when you have a tool and you know how to exploit it, then you can achieve what you had set. Lead Conversion through Live Chat Integration is possible when you have all the correct required elements to channelise your service. Therefore Live Chat definitely acts as a catalyst to stir up your conversations with your visitors leading to Lead conversions.

But how SOCAmps Live Chat is unique in supporting you in Successful conversion of your possible Leads?

SOCAmps Live Chat has some main features which can just do the trick of converting your possible leads into Customers.

Real Time Visitor Tracking

Real Time Visitor Tracking shows your Visitors’ movements Live as they go about your website. Visitor Tracking main focus is to help you in understanding your visitors better thus allowing you to serve them better. Because it eventually serve its purpose of helping you to understand your visitants’ exact purpose of visiting your website. The feature might not directly trigger a conversion but helps to take you along this path.

Context & History

We can certainly say Context and History are essential to Understand and Maintain the relationship with your customers. Because understanding the gist of your customer’s context will help you to analyse and segregate your Leads. This saves more time and work rather than initiating a conversation with all of your website visitors. But when you have the data in your hand, it is an easy way of triggering a conversion. Context & History shows you the exact amount of time your each Lead spends in your every page. So the conversion wouldn’t be anymore harder.

Automatic Conversation Starters:

When you are in doubt, you seek for help. That’s the role of Automatic Conversation Starters. But how Conversation Starters trigger Lead Conversion? That’s where you need to appoint who knows your product Inside Out. Who speaks your Brand. Also it is important to note, every customer is different. They  come up with different needs and with different reasons. Our feature helps you a lot in approaching your unique customers due to the Customer Behaviour Analytical Platform which is in-built. So when you understand your Customers’ real needs, it will not only help you to approach your customers accordingly but also increases the chance of converting your Leads. Moreover there is an additional advantage of knowing which lead is your possible future customer and which one is not.

These are the most prominent features which will certainly help you in Lead Conversions. But you can also study the other features here to know how it will benefit your Business.