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Intelligent Responses

Intelligent Responses

Whatever be the technology, it can never replace a human being! When the relevant person understands the visitor through excellent collection of visitor history, what they are interested on etc.,

it becomes that much easy to assist them. Through pre-saved intelligent responses, your agents will be able to assist the visitor in the best way possible.


Human Touch

Most Live Chat’s fail in the manner of not being able to find the right agent for the Live Chat when the Customer is still at their Doorstep (Website). SOCAmps Live Chat provides a centralized Web Portal as well as a cute little Mobile App such that the Chat Agents are always in touch with Customer Requests.

Auto FAQ Generation

SOCAmps Live Chat mines through the responses often sent to the customers for similar queries and auto-learns the typical response based on customer persona. This enables the right answer to be picked for the particular customer. This happens with the Customer Behavior analytical platform which is built-in. We not only monitor the Answers we also analyze the context and Customer persona and provide the right answer at the right time.