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Increasing Turnaround

Increasing Turnaround

Visitors are backed by instant help and the way Live Chat works ensures that the visitor is engaged within the Web Site and we are able to satisfy their curiosity with relevant answers which might lead to lesser bounces and more relevant leads landing on your Sales Agent’s funnel. Also ensures that your website is tuned to the relevant persona of the audience.


Quick to Answer

Agents even when mobile or on the Field can address concerns or Live Chat from the Customers on the fly via the SOCAmps Live Chat Mobile App. We are providing a way for you to be in touch with your Customer always and have the quickest turn-around

Self-Learning AI & Auto-Responses

Our SaaS Console is encoded with a self-learning AI which segregates answers for specific questions related to specific domain with certain expertise to register those in the Knowledge Base(KB). This KB in turn helps the AI in executing auto-responses for the Live Chat requests.