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How SOCAmps Live Chat Real-time Visitor Tracking Works

SOCAmps Live Chat Real-time visitor Tracking, plays a humongous role in collecting users’ information and also assisting you, in knowing your users better.


Users’ Movement tracking, is very essential to obtain a vast knowledge on your visitor/user behaviour. So, as a result, you can easily comprehend their needs and requirements. So the smart learning of your users’ behaviour, will lead you to have more proactive chats with them. Undeniably, you can engage your visitors with your website and drive the conversion rate and further your Business. But it doesn’t stop here. The advantages are more.


The main purpose of our ‘Real-time visitor tracking’ feature is to provide you a very clean and detailed picture of your Live users’ data. And what more, it just takes seconds. Thus, your agents will have an upper hand, in segregating your leads. This process will help them to, easily narrow down their qualified leads and prioritize accordingly. As said before, you can have those intellectual proactive chats with your qualified leads and increase the conversion process.

Secondly, it gives you a much needed insight on your website performance, through generating almost accurate reports for you. Through the report, you can very well learn about your website efficiency, as well as the experience you provide for your visitors/customers. The more greater advantage is that, you are learning the stand of your Business, among your Competitors.

Besides, these reports also highlight the hits and drops of your web pages. Certainly, these data will be very helpful in cleaning up the unwanted contents and also enhance the desired ones of your visitors to suit their taste. Last but not least, you will know the purpose of their visit. Our tool gives out their current websites, their device model, Geo-location, etc. Therefore, there is no necessity to inquire further more. Straightaway, you will know their objectives. Thus, you greatly cut down the basic inquiring and saves both of your valuable time.

So all in all, Real-time visitor helps you greatly in customizing your website and be customer-oriented. The data and statistics will help see your results, through magnifying glass and enhance your business and website intellectually.