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Forms & Triggers

Creating a wonderful website and attracting visitors is for the sole purpose of serving them. To serve them better, it is essential to know more about the Visitor. Hence, collecting Visitor information via Forms is a necessity for every website. With SOCAmps Live Chat, we can collect Visitor Information in an intuitive manner such that Visitors willingly get converted into qualified Leads. The Triggers form the core reason why this happens as they determine for the best moment to collect visitor information.

Live Visitor Assistance

With the Live Chat Portal the visitors can be tracked real-time and provided with any assistance needed. Either the Visitor initiates the conversation or the agent can initiate the conversation to provide the relevant assistance a Visitor needs at the right moment. Even if the Agent is offline while the Visitor asks for assistance or the Visitor is offline when the Agent responds, all conversations are recorded in the conversations history to be looked back again. Also with Notifications such as Push, SMS & E-Mail the conversations can continue Offline as well.

Live Visitor Assistance

Context, Analytics & History

Visitors are tracked as they enter the website, where they were from, where they are going, what are they interested on and more. Hence, when an agent connects with them via Live Chat, they are able to instantly relate with the user’s requirement and address them explicitly. This enables a honest and sincere relation with the customer and hence turns out to be more valuable for conversions. This also ensures that the context of the conversation between the Customer and the Sales Agent is the same.

Channel Reports

SOCAmps Live Chat analyzes the Visitor Referrer URL and the other relevant Marketing Channel related parameters to identify which Visitor gets converted to a Lead via which marketing channel. This provides us a unique insight into the workings of the Digital Marketing initiatives executed. As a Digital Marketer you can drill down to which search key word is bringing in the qualified Visitor via the relevant campaign. Also provides valuable insights into the Lead and enables more automation that could be accomplished.

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Live Visitor Tracking

Whatever be the technology, it can never replace a human being! When the relevant person understands the visitor through excellent collection of visitor history, what they are interested on etc., it becomes that much easy to assist them. Through pre-saved intelligent responses, your agents will be able to assist the visitor in the best way possible.

Web Site Persona Validation

When you get instant feedback and engagement with the Visitor, you will easily be able to target the right visitor for your website. With the Visitor Tracking and analytics the Marketing Team will be able to identify which Visitor was converted into a Customer and which one didn’t pan out and enhancing this data will provide with a unique prospective to update the Channels where the Marketing Team invests their time wisely to get more conversion and thus improve the bottom-line.

Web Site Persona Validation

Contact Form Integration

SOCAmps Live Chat also provides Contact Form integration, which removes the need to check up on e-mail and create Conversations in a Different Channel (E-Mail) altogether through the website. It is a simple add-on to your existing website, wherever you need the Contact Form just a small html element will do the trick of collecting Visitor Information (mandatory and optional parameters) as configured via chat portal. There also is available a Contact Form Popup for integrating it with all the pages of the WebSite.

Direct CRM Integration

Removes the middle man and adds the Visitor directly to the Marketing & Sales Team’s funnel – ensuring easy approachable team. Now you need not wait for the Toll Free Number Operator or the E-Mail Reader to import Leads into the CRM to be processed. If you got a Field Sales Team, then direct integration to the CRM enables instant access to the Customer and their requirement to the Sales Team who are already on that area. If you have a In-House Sales Team, they have the opportunity to reach the customer immediately via Live Chat and close the sale.

Direct CRM Integration