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SOCAmps Live Chat- A unique way for connecting with customers

Are you in need of a great help to assist your business in the Connecting with Customers? Feel like having a smarter dynamic tool to boost your customer service to stand out from the rivals? Our product SOCAmps Live Chat is the optimal solution you are looking for. It will […]


Why SOCAmps Live Chat?

Our product SOCAmps Live chat is all set for the one on one connection with your valuable customers. All Its new and interesting features will make our product, your one stop destination for all your customer related queries. Shortly to say, Our SOCAmps Live Chat product is a one tool […]

SOCAmps Live Chat Launched

SOCAmps Live Chat Launched

SOCAmps team is happy to announce you that our SOCAmps Live Chat is launched and ready for integration on your websites and Mobile apps for Live Chat.

SOCAmps Live Chat - A new product under SOCAmps

SOCAmps Live Chat – A new product under SOCAmps

We are excited to introduce our brand new product SOCAmps Live Chat. A single chat product that can be integrated with your website, web apps and mobile apps. Every customer has a query. How we answer them makes the customer come back to us. Some websites rely on detailed write-ups […]

Live Chat a part of SOCAmps

Live Chat a part of SOCAmps

Next big thing is coming. After a great response for the Live Chat Plugin in the SOCAmps CRM, we have planned to launch Live Chat as a separate Product in the next release.