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Lead Conversion Triggers in SOCAmps Live Chat

Lead Conversion Triggers in SOCAmps Live Chat Lead Conversion through Live Chat is possible?  Lead Conversion is the critical phase every Business man goes through. But when you have a tool and you know how to exploit it, then you can achieve what you had set. Lead Conversion through Live […]


Live Chat Benefits You Need to Know to Expand Your Business

Live Chat Benefits You Need to Know to Expand Your Business Live Chat is becoming one of the Widespread medium to connect with Customers. Because customers are becoming one of the inevitable forces which decides the future of a Business. So providing an option to make the connection easier and […]


Ways to Increase your sales Figures through Live Chat

Ways to Increase your sales figures through Live Chat To increase your Sales Figures through Live Chat, acknowledgement of the importance of Live Chat is essential. And Sales is all about NUMBERS. Because Numbers mirror the growth of a Business. For this reason, no wonder, Business people are coming up […]


Why SOCAmps Live Chat is Crucial for your Website?

Why SOCAmps Live Chat is Crucial for your Website? Or in other words, Why your Website needs SOCAmps Live Chat? There is nothing more relieving than a person responding right away, to our call for help. That’s the same way Live Chat works. The world is going the digital way and […]


How SOCAmps Live Chat Increases Customer Traffic

Increase Customer Traffic is definitely the running thought of any Businessperson, because they are his ultimate revenue-driving source. But beyond Money, he is working for his dreams and to deliver his passion with class.


How SOCAmps Live Chat Real-time Visitor Tracking Works

SOCAmps Live Chat Real-time visitor Tracking, plays a humongous role in collecting users’ information and also assisting you, in knowing your users better.

Visitor Engagement for Qualified Lead Converstion

SOCAmps Live Chat Tools that helps in Engaging Website Visitors

SOCAmps Live Chat Tools are here to provide you a good backup for your Live Chat agents. Their major purpose is to drive the agents, to have conversations in a more lively and engaging manner. Besides, they will make the agents, understand more about their visitors and helps them in engaging […]


Thanksgiving 2017

  We, at JKL technologies, are very happy to announce a Big news on this Thanksgiving day. Our another new product under SOCAmps brand, the SOCAmps Live Chat has been successfully launched. We are so excited to see it’s astounding results.


10 ways to make Live Chat conversations more Lively

Live Chat, one of the way to assist the customers, is the current trend in technology. It is now the Every Businessman’s Choice in providing a effective customer support. Because Customer support has proved very predominant, in boosting a Business value. Through the constant engagement with the users, they can […]