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10 ways to make Live Chat conversations more Lively

Live Chat, one of the way to assist the customers, is the current trend in technology. It is now the Every Businessman’s Choice in providing a effective customer support.

Because Customer support has proved very predominant, in boosting a Business value. Through the constant engagement with the users, they can build a fine relationship with them, to last it longer.

The reasons, websites are opting for ‘Live chat’ are more due to it’s traits of, being user friendly and for an instant connection with their audience.

In order to make the conversations Lively and effective, it is important to follow certain guidelines and chant it is as your daily mantra!

 1. Welcome them Sooner!

When a first time visitor wavers around your website, it’s an indication that you have some relevant content, pertaining to their needs. So go ahead and welcome them with a big heart. There is no necessity to wait for them to make their first move. The sooner you welcome, the brighter the first impression will be. Whether they are satisfied with your content or not, initiating a connection will make them feel you are ready to assist in whatever they need.  This nice gesture has high chances of returning to you to be your future customer.

2. Greet the way you would love to be Greeted!

Yes, you read that right. Put yourself in your Customer shoes and think of the way you would love to be greeted. Even if you are behind the screens, your attitude reflects in the chat. So being appropriate is important and should always have customers in mind when you assist/guide them.

3. Wear your Smile as your best accessory!

For Live Chat agents, Smile should be their best accessory. Wearing a smile, despite having a bad day can bring positive changes in your work, as well as in you. When you interact with a customer always have a positive smile on your face, which in turn brings the polite response from you.

4. Read their message properly!

After welcoming and greeting them with a polite and positive response, read your visitors/customers’ queries attentively. Don’t stop with giving attention to the keywords. Rather Understand their problem before replying them with a solution. Understanding their issue is the key of customer support. So when you reply with a proper solution, you are making sure that their current problem is solved and they don’t enquire back for the same reason.

5. Be professional and elegant with your reply!                   

Behind the screen, doesn’t necessarily state you are not watchable. So it is important to maintain your demeanor and respect your customers. Your professionalism is highly mirrored through your replies and moraleAlways empathize with them throughout the entire conversation. This will greatly uplift the mood of your customers, when they are in great disappointment or fury regarding your service.

6. Take your time with the customers!

Don’t be in a hurry when you are processing your customer’s request. Maintain your composure and be frank and open with them regarding their queries. Avoid giving false hope and promises. Rather, gently ask permission, if it will take time to solve their request.

7. Be friendly Be professional!

If customers go out of topic, engage with them in a friendly manner but continue to be professional. Reply to their interest and be sure to send the relevant details regarding their queries to get them back in track.

8. Assign an agent to respond the query when you are away

Even though canned messages, helps at times, it is not the best option in all the situations. People don’t like to see processed messages or don’t want repetitive responses. Rather providing real human communication will serve them better. You can also come up with an instant smarter solutions to address their queries. This will have a contented customer in your website.

9. Use your presence of Mind!

Drafting the answers for the default queries is good and time consuming. But it can’t work on all situations. Instead of giving answers to the queries, be a solution provider for the Customer. Some customers might be creepy or arrogant. Don’t react, instead use your presence of mind. Also express your gratitude, for having the trust in your service and bid them well with a positive note.

10. Give the honor of ending the chat to the customers!

As a chat agent, it’s not appropriate to end your chat.  Also it is not good to rush them to suit according your time. Instead, give them the space and time to come up with more queries which they have at hand. Else inquire them, if they have any more queries to be clarified about. So try your best to solve the problem, at the given moment. If it is not possible, give them the assurance that you will solve it in provided time.

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