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User Behavior based Triggers to enhance User Conversion

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Realtime Engagement with Live initiation of conversations with the Visitor

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Capture Visitors from various channel and convert them as Potential Leads

Channel Reports

Follow Your Leads from Your Channel to Lead to Potential to Quote to Revenue

About Us

SOCAmps Live Chat is run by a dedicated team of Developers & Engineers whose primary goal is to help their Customers win in their businesses. Whether you are a Digital Marketer or a Web Developer or an Online E-Commerce Owner, we provide the right tools which can be used to increase clientele and thus win in your business. Our goal is to enhance your ability to make more money via constant attention to detail and the ability to measure where the growth has come from.

Why SOCAmps Live Chat

User Engagement at the Right Moment

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Digital Marketers

SOCAmps Live Chat provides the best way to communicate the value provided by Digital Marketers to their Customers. With the ingrained, detailed Channel wise report of Visitors to Leads Conversion - a Digital Marketer will now be armed with statistics and numbers to back up their Marketing Plans.

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Web Developers

SOCAmps Live Chat provides a unique way to provide more value to the existing websites you are curating for your Customers. You can ensure there is more value for the Visitor who are stepping in their website and also conversions in forms of Leads directly to their CRM of choice.

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E-Commerce Developers

SOCAmps Live Chat provides even more innovative ways to integrate with Visitor interest with popups of offers, coupons, on sales products based on the categories or searches on the e-commerce store. Tightly integrating with E-Commerce steps Buy Now & Add To Cart Buttons within Live Popups.

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